The Home in Me


Where do I feel most at home?
Is home safety? Freedom?
Belonging? Understanding? Comfort?
Support? Validation?
A roof? A meal?
Is home where the heart is?
Where does the heart feel most at home?
In the arms of my lover? In our shared oneness?
Amidst kindred spirits?
That moment when you meet someone and discover a spontaneous commonality –
a shared interest; a mutual passion.
Perhaps the moment when two people discover the same experience, a similar trauma,
a common heartache. That is home.
The places where one feels most at ease – most comfortable – most content.
The feeling of being validated. Acknowledgement. Being seen.
The sense of loving kindness between people. Gentleness…
A beach. A mountain. A mindstate.
An altered consciousness. An ecstatic orgasm.
A bath – merging with the water. A fire – peering into flames.
The peace of deep meditation.
Anywhere there is refuge.

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image