Sunset, Western Highway heading for Ballarat

I am only satisfied when it burns cold
When the brittle edge of the chill
Kisses heat’s searing mouth
To the west, to the east, the north and south
That’s where I’ll be

In that place where extremes merge
In a fusion of simmering electrifying ecstasy,
Gifts are laid at the feet of the Goddess
Atoms swirl and twirl with feverish delight
No place for the faint of heart or, non-believer

A stark towering cliff face rises from the icy inferno
To meet the lucid swell of a restless ocean
A withering clash – a writhing crash
Steaming vapour gushes into an endless azure sky

A moist cloudy plume pierces the great nothing
Black and red and black and orange
As charged coils of energy gaily bounce
from base to crown – into existence they pounce

Bursting with life, simmering with death
Glorious sight to behold, the intake of breath
Then a long slow exhale and all is transformed
In the blink of an eye, the calm and the storm

Where, in the midst I sit, content and replete
Amid splendour and ice, symphony and heat
Dependant arising, a spectator’s humble delight
I am the mountain, that cliff face, the dark and the light

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image



Dwell in that place
The Clearing
Be cushioned, cocooned
At the heart, consumed
Vibrant and expansive
Glowing warmly as if
Light streams to the core
What is more
Beams reflect billions of particles
Floating – weightless
Indiscriminate – faceless
In that place
No effort, no body, no mind
Vibration of the kind
To quell the restless being
Peaceful and freeing
No gaping divide
Between in and outside
Hanging in this zone
With Buddha alone

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image


If, in love’s bitter afterglow you were to spread a sea of jewels at my
feet and once more spray me with emphatic words of love and devotion

Would I succumb to your wanton ways?

Those doe innocent eyes appealing, that elusive chameleon sweetness
softly beckoning me to rise like Venus from the receding waves of torment

No hint of remorse to quell my pain

On your capricious ocean, my brittle shell boat rides the peak of
foam without substance, reeling from the maelstrom of your dark
peaks and troughs

That transparent mask you wear

Hurt sluicing through tender veins, battle weary and bruised
to the soul, I long for respite in that shared buoyant womb,
momentarily nurtured in a deceptive safe haven

   The cruel temptress of my fate

I am flotsam on the ebbing tide swirling back toward the deep swell
of your oceanlured by the charm of glistening moist pools and the
promise of fine weather

Duping sensibility, you seduce

Toward the allure of bliss I swim, where once again I will float in the
serenity of your harbour, gullible and self satisfying I foolishly trust
the transient calm of your seas

Ensnaring me in treachery

Tranquillity masks the rumble of distant thunder where storm clouds
frequent the horizon and waves gather ready to wreak havoc at a
moments notice dumping me in their wake

Destabilising my existence

Rising to meet the challenge of your dilettante guises, I have been
at my peril, unanchored and adrift in a vast unconscious ocean
– deep and unplundered

You will no longer tempt me

Adversity implores the netting of wisdom, the high seas challenge
an intrepid explorer where once drowning, now embracing the
mainstay and sailing for the solitary horizon

I am Aphrodite, I have risen to myself

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image

Ajanta, Coolangatta, 2007

Equanimity 3

They spoke of floods and torrents and torment
But all I hear is the comforting sound of rain falling
They sent me images of destruction and loss
But all that I see is beauty
They tried to scare me and fill my soul with dread
But all I feel is serenity
They wanted to destabilise my existence
But all that I am is equanimity

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image

Brunswick River, Northern NSW


Marysville near Steavensons Falls 2017

Going back to Heartland, bountiful shades of green pervaded our field of vision.
Vibrant and varied – it was a magnificence of emerald, lime, bottle and olive.
There was a moderate feel to the atmosphere, cocooning us in temperate buoyancy.
The endless ocean was a deep calming presence, strewn with opaque blue-green shadows and flashes of aquamarine.
It danced as though tantalised by the warm sun.
A faint hint of salt was in the air.
Though very mild, it induced a certain moistness and cloying closeness.
There was comfort in the rising swell of the sea, the ebb and flow of the tide.
Like a calm giant heart sluicing blood through its arteries, it was regular and reliable.
An occasional gentle breeze drifted through.
It smelt sweet and mild like rosewater
and sometimes gathered an aromatic tendency.
We wanted to gulp it down as if this act would infuse us with its goodness.
With the stirring of the breeze, leaves floated playfully, frolicking high then twirling earthward slow and low.
A pulsating deep hum emanated throughout the countryside.
It was almost a vibration but with a discernible beat which saturated out being, bewitching and transfixing us into a state of rapture.
And as the hum of the universe reverberated, a cacophony of song emanated from cicadas, crickets and birds.
It rose and fell in accordance with our respiration, with the rhythm of the ocean and with the breathing of the land.
Before long we were transported into an idyllic state of reverie.
Pure joyous delight.
This was our universe. This was natural law. This was Heartland.

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image

He Bin Here

Minyon Falls, Northern NSW

he bin here
eyes sweeping the vastness
knowing in dem eyes
dem dark ones intense
examining escarpments
watchin’ watchin’
notin’ pass widdout ‘im knowin’
‘im long gone
but still watchin’ dis day
standing erect alert
squinting muttering
tut tut tinkin’
youse ones not hoping
youse not knowing
lost youse ones
he knows
he watches he waits
patient like

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image