Equanimity 3

They spoke of floods and torrents and torment
But all I hear is the comforting sound of rain falling
They sent me images of destruction and loss
But all that I see is beauty
They tried to scare me and fill my soul with dread
But all I feel is serenity
They wanted to destabilise my existence
But all that I am is equanimity

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image

Brunswick River, Northern NSW


Marysville near Steavensons Falls 2017

Going back to Heartland, bountiful shades of green pervaded our field of vision.
Vibrant and varied – it was a magnificence of emerald, lime, bottle and olive.
There was a moderate feel to the atmosphere, cocooning us in temperate buoyancy.
The endless ocean was a deep calming presence, strewn with opaque blue-green shadows and flashes of aquamarine.
It danced as though tantalised by the warm sun.
A faint hint of salt was in the air.
Though very mild, it induced a certain moistness and cloying closeness.
There was comfort in the rising swell of the sea, the ebb and flow of the tide.
Like a calm giant heart sluicing blood through its arteries, it was regular and reliable.
An occasional gentle breeze drifted through.
It smelt sweet and mild like rosewater
and sometimes gathered an aromatic tendency.
We wanted to gulp it down as if this act would infuse us with its goodness.
With the stirring of the breeze, leaves floated playfully, frolicking high then twirling earthward slow and low.
A pulsating deep hum emanated throughout the countryside.
It was almost a vibration but with a discernible beat which saturated out being, bewitching and transfixing us into a state of rapture.
And as the hum of the universe reverberated, a cacophony of song emanated from cicadas, crickets and birds.
It rose and fell in accordance with our respiration, with the rhythm of the ocean and with the breathing of the land.
Before long we were transported into an idyllic state of reverie.
Pure joyous delight.
This was our universe. This was natural law. This was Heartland.

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image

He Bin Here

Minyon Falls, Northern NSW

he bin here
eyes sweeping the vastness
knowing in dem eyes
dem dark ones intense
examining escarpments
watchin’ watchin’
notin’ pass widdout ‘im knowin’
‘im long gone
but still watchin’ dis day
standing erect alert
squinting muttering
tut tut tinkin’
youse ones not hoping
youse not knowing
lost youse ones
he knows
he watches he waits
patient like

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image

Core of My / Being

Silver Streaked Beauty – Lake Wendouree Ballarat












Hey / You
Hey You out / There
With your Onion Layers / Constructs
Your Well Honed Ways / Hiding ploys
Egos / Fears / Judgements / Ignorance
Self Interest / Control / Defence / Reaction
How much do you take? / How much do you give?
How shut down are You? / How Aware?
Giving it all / Here
Core of my / Being
Way of the / Will
No Games / No pretence
This is / It
This is Me / Genuine
Raw / Unadulterated
Flesh / Bone / Blood
Vulnerable / Powerful / Fragile / Solid / Raw
Eros / Agape / Lust / Empathy / Compassion
Spirit / Soul / Skill / Wisdom / Insight / Love
Truth / Justice / Resilience
Dark / Light / In Between
Giving it all / Here
Light / Working
Core of my / Being
Take it / Leave It
At your / Peril
The / Mirror
Resist the / Comfort Zone
Have a Think Be / Thoughtful
Take up the / Challenge
Step Out of your / Self
Shed it / Dump it / Break it
Expand / Wake / Up / Arise
Core of my / Being
Branches of my / Heart
Longing of my / Soul
Reflection of / You
Same / Different
We are / That


(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image

The Home in Me


Where do I feel most at home?
Is home safety? Freedom?
Belonging? Understanding? Comfort?
Support? Validation?
A roof? A meal?
Is home where the heart is?
Where does the heart feel most at home?
In the arms of my lover? In our shared oneness?
Amidst kindred spirits?
That moment when you meet someone and discover a spontaneous commonality –
a shared interest; a mutual passion.
Perhaps the moment when two people discover the same experience, a similar trauma,
a common heartache. That is home.
The places where one feels most at ease – most comfortable – most content.
The feeling of being validated. Acknowledgement. Being seen.
The sense of loving kindness between people. Gentleness…
A beach. A mountain. A mindstate.
An altered consciousness. An ecstatic orgasm.
A bath – merging with the water. A fire – peering into flames.
The peace of deep meditation.
Anywhere there is refuge.

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image