About Ajanta


Some of my components….

Poet, Writer, Artist, Photographer, Counsellor, Therapist, Spiritual Care Worker, Death Doula, Space Holder, Compassionate Listener, Moderating Mediator, Eclectic Beholder, Societal Observer, Mindful Meditator, Spiritual Journeyer, Articulate Communicator, Soulful Musical Reveller, Reader, Mother, Friend, Multifaceted Peripheral Dweller, Interested Bystander, Existential Commentator, Eclectic Wondering, Wandering Renunciate.

Some of my interests in no particular order….

Poetry, Writing, Reading, Literature, Art, Artistic Endeavours, Photography, Cinema, Art House Movies, Scandinavian Noir, Humanity, Family, Friends, Supporting Others, Meeting New People, Enjoying Life, Philosophy, Crime & Forensics, Great Conversation, Individuality, Meditation, Spending Time Alone, Reflection, Self Realisation, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Spirituality, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Buddhism, Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Eastern Philosophy, Travel, Animals in General, Horses, Dogs, Music, Dancing, Singing, Expansion, Freedom, Walking, Adventuring, Discovering, Reverie.