I realise that
Doubt is that
Insidious emotive
Out of control
That creeps
Into my being
Stemming from fear
Of the unknown
Rising like bile of the soul
Robbing me of being whole
No way to console
The toll is great
Like a hole
In my being
When there is no way of seeing
The path before me
And what I hold so dearly
Is to see, to be
At one, at peace
To have release
And the skill is
To transcend this
When it overcomes me
More worthwhile
To see doubt for what it is
Transient, self limiting, futile
I must temper it
With faith
Pamper it with hope
Hold tight to the rope
Struggle and climb
Back to the sublime
Where there is meaning
A state of being
Clear seeing

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image

Author: Ajanta

Poet, Writer / Photographer / Counsellor / Therapist / Mentor / Spiritual Care Worker / Advocate / Death Doula / End of Life Consultant

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