He Bin Here

Minyon Falls, Northern NSW

he bin here
eyes sweeping the vastness
knowing in dem eyes
dem dark ones intense
examining escarpments
watchin’ watchin’
notin’ pass widdout ‘im knowin’
‘im long gone
but still watchin’ dis day
standing erect alert
squinting muttering
tut tut tinkin’
youse ones not hoping
youse not knowing
lost youse ones
he knows
he watches he waits
patient like

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image

Core of My / Being

Silver Streaked Beauty – Lake Wendouree Ballarat












Hey / You

Hey You out / There

With your Onion Layers / Constructs

Your Well Honed Ways / Hiding ploys

Egos / Fears / Judgements / Ignorance

Self Interest / Control / Defence / Reaction

How much do you take? / How much do you give?

How shut down are You? / How Aware?

Giving it all / Here

Core of my / Being

Way of the / Will

No Games / No pretence

This is / It

This is Me / Genuine

Raw / Unadulterated

Flesh / Bone / Blood


Vulnerable / Powerful / Fragile / Solid / Raw

Eros / Agape / Lust / Empathy / Compassion

Spirit / Soul / Skill / Wisdom / Insight / Love

Truth / Justice / Resilience

Dark / Light / In Between

Giving it all / Here

Light / Working

Core of my / Being

Take it / Leave It

At your / Peril

The / Mirror

Resist the / Comfort Zone

Have a Think Be / Thoughtful

Take up the / Challenge

Step Out of your / Self

Shed it / Dump it / Break it

Expand / Wake / Up / Arise

Core of my / Being

Branches of my / Heart

Longing of my / Soul

Reflection of / You

Same / Different

We are / That


(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image

Ties That Bind

Reed Mandala Ballarat

These ties that have bound us throughout the eons
The undemanding presence of silken strands billowing
in a gentle breeze
In the eye of many storms
Along paths steep and wide
Always there
Ever ready
for the harnessing
Waiting for that moment
in time
When the lessons have been learnt
And conditions are most optimal
To make manifest this

(c) Ajanta Judd Words & Image